Library Life: Textbook Transfers

One of the things I do as a media specialist is process textbook transfers. Our school library acts like a unit in a larger system of many other school libraries. Materials assigned to our site can be transferred to other schools within our district and we can request and receive materials from other sites too.

This is a cost-effective way of ensuring that students across our district are provided the materials they need without having excess inventories in any one school. It works because classes are set up to address the needs of learners so the quantity of leveled material is dependent on the learning level of students. For example, if one school does not have a large quantity of students needing “level a” books then those books can go to a school where the books are needed.

Summer is a prime time to begin receiving requests and begin requesting textbook transfers. Just a few days ago I received a request for a textbook transfer from another middle school. Before I could even begin to send the books, however, there were several steps I needed to take.

First, I made sure that inventory numbers were accurate (I’m pretty finicky about this and will triple check things just to be sure). Then, I verified that we would not be needing all the books in our inventory and that I had enough books to send out. Finally, I began the process of physically hauling the books out of storage and preparing them for transfer. I manually scanned each book to create a transfer record and to digitally transfer the site location for each textbook.

Luckily, we had just received new textbooks last week and I had not thrown out those boxes! I was able to use all of them to pack up the books for our District Warehouse Operations to come get. They will deliver the books to the new site. Happy learning!

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