Book Review: True Places by Sonja Yoerg

A book about a woman who finds and rescues a girl who has been living in the woods shouldn’t be terrifying, but True Places scared the living daylights out of me several times. It wasn’t because it was a horror book either.

What Sonja Yoerg, author of House Broken, Middle of Somewhere, and All the Best People, does in True Places  is nothing short of amazing. With her beautiful prose and attention to detail, Yoerg paints the picture of who we are after we’ve let down our defenses and at times, it isn’t pretty.

And yet, even as the novel begs for each of it’s characters to come face to face with hard truths, it is a novel full of hope and redemption. Yoerg shows us through her characters’ personal journeys that sometimes taking a different road than the one planned can yield more good than any meticulously laid out plan.

Author: NVCM

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