2019 Reading Goals

The new year is around the corner which means it’s time to set up some new year’s resolutions! As a person completely fascinated with the written word, I doubtlessly will be making resolutions centered around reading.

While some people like to set a number of books to read, I like my goals to be a bit more nuanced than a number. Setting reading goals around a number, tends to focus the goal on mere consumption and as Edmund Burke once said, ” to read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” Will it benefit me to read 100 pictures books in an hour?

What I really want to do is find and complete a reading challenge list. There are so many of them out there and they look like a lot of fun! I mean, just look at this list of lists:

12 of the Best 2018 Reading Challenges for Adults

I could, alternatively, write my own list. If I were to write my own list, I would like to stick to a theme of some sort. Maybe I could create an “Around the World” book challenge list with stories that take place in other countries. That might be fun. 🙂

In addition to making resolutions about the books I will read, I’d also like to make resolutions focused around reading too. Discussing books is so rewarding and satisfying, perhaps I should add “join a book club” to my list too. I currently am part of a local mom’s book club in my community but it never hurts to branch out and try new clubs.

Finally, bringing it back to my good friend Burke, I want to resolve to become a better consumer of literature. I make plenty of mental notes while I read, but perhaps it is time to invest in a little notebook for the ideas that pop in my head while I read.

So, what about you? Are you making any reading resolutions this year? What do your reading goals look like for 2019?


Author: NVCM

Hi! I'm just a mom interested in learning about IT, Computer Science, and Programming. Join me on my journey here. :-)

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