YA Fiction Book Review: Along for the Ride by Katrina Abbott

Boy bands, best friends, and beach getaways: the ingredients to a fabulous YA weekend read. This weekend I read  Along for the Ride  by Katrina Abbott and was glad I did.

The book was perfect escapism as only a book where the main character is the rich daughter of a famous and successful musician and producer can be and yet, Vanessa is a level-headed and relatable character. I found myself rooting for her as she gets more and more involved with the musicians she hates and wanting to know more of her backstory. While some of her backstory is hinted at throughout the book, the novel concludes with unanswered questions, presumably to be answered in the following books of the Rosewood Rock Star Series.

One of the most interesting parts I found about this novel is revealing the behind-scenes process of putting together and producing boy bands. It provides and interesting and fun setting for the romantic story line.

The romantic thread itself is also well done. The relationship between Vanessa and Willmont Davidson progresses organically, although the conclusion to the novel and their relationship ends on a cliff hanger. I’m curious to see what will happen in book 2.

If you’re looking for a fun, clean, YA series don’t hesitate to check out The Rosewoods Rock Star Series. I thoroughly enjoyed Along for a Ride and I’m sure you will too.

Along for the Ride (The Rosewoods Rock Star Series Book 1) by [Abbott, Katrina]

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