Book Review: Christmas in Time by Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson

Who can pass up a free kindle read? I know I can’t. I recently downloaded Christmas in Time by authors Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson to read in my spare time and was pleasantly surprised with a wholesome time-traveling romance.

The novel I read is actually the sixth book in their Time Travel Romance Series, but aside from a few references to stories prior, starting with book six was not an issue. Actually, the referencing made me want to go back and check out some of the other books in the series.

Christmas in Time, aside from being a light romance, is a coming of age story as main character Garrett-of-the-future-but-literally-living-in-the-past mans up and makes a life for himself. In the meantime, sweet Colleen, must go on her own voyage of courage as she loves and learns how to love herself. Through this character the authors are able to bring diversity to Christmas in Time and make some light social commentary about contemporary issues in America.

Well suited for young adults and older readers alike, A Christmas in Time is a good fiction read for this season. Check it out today!

Christmas in Time (Time Travel Romance Series, Book 6): A Sweet Time Travel Romance (Time Travel/Mail-Order Bride Romance Series) by [Matthews, Zoe, Jenson, Jade]


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