10 things to do on Book Lovers Day

August 9th is unofficially recognized as Book Lovers Day. While this fun holiday encourages you to pick up a book and get reading, there really are a myriad of ways bibliophiles can celebrate their love of the written word on this day. Here’s a short list to get you started:

1. Buy a book 📖

If there was ever an excuse needed to buy books, celebrating book lovers day is it!

mtv style shopping GIF by Paramount Movies

2. Visit a library

When you use up all your money on books, you can get more books (for free) at your local library.

old school dancing GIF by LeVar Burton Kids

3. Read to a child

Share your love of reading with the next generation. You can maybe even give them one of those books you bought earlier.

christopher walken episode 3 GIF

4. Wear your love of books

Whether you decide to cosplay as your favorite literary character or don a t-shirt with a bookish theme, show the world your love of books with your outfit.

harry potter cosplay GIF by Comic-Con HQ

5. Thank a teacher

Chances are you wouldn’t love books if you didn’t know how to read and you wouldn’t  know how to read if Mrs. Smith hadn’t drilled in those sight words back in Kindergarten.

high school thank you GIF

6. Eat your love

Go ahead and plan a literary feast. Have some Turkish delight (The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe) or indulge in some treacle tart (Harry Potter). Rinse it all down with an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea.

excited alice in wonderland GIF

7. Bookface

Make your love of books social by sharing your favorite bookface on social media.

Image result for bookface gif

8. Get Cozy

Make sure to spend some time in your favorite book nook.

Image result for book nook gif

9. Quote it

Share some of your favorite book quotes by turning them into a visually stunning and shareable pieces using recite.

Image result for famous reading quote recite

10. Get writing ✍

You may not write a whole book, but you can spend some time enjoying the creative process!

busy daffy duck GIF

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